by: Mary Ruth and Lindy

the History Behind the Baseball

In 1839 a man named Abner Doubleday created the baseball. He created this to entertain people. He originally created it to throw at people as they ran around the bases but, today they use it as a game where you throw it at someone and they hit it with a bat then run around the bases. Also when he first invented this it was named the "round ball."

The basesball makes people more active and makes them want to do more things to keep them in shape but, if you get hit with the ball then it will hurt. The baseball has been through many things to get to where it is today. Some examples are Science, Technology,engineering, and math.

Science- how the ball gets out of your hand.

Technology- creating something that puts the ball together.

Engineering- designing something to weave the seams together

Math- What is the circumference of the ball?

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