What makes a game fun?

There are many aspects to a game that could make a game fun.  Some people say the little things make the game fun and others like certain genre that will automatically make a game fun.  Personally I think what makes a game fun is the immersion of the players in the game.  How well can the game make the players be immersed and forget about the outside world.  When players are immersed in the game they forget about the outside world with the time flying bye while they have a huge smile on their face.  Though there are other games that make people really debate and think hard about what they are going to say before they make a move or do a certain action.  Immersion is important to game-play because it brings replay value to a game which will make it successful. If time passes bye and the players don't notice, that is what makes it fun.

Having an object or goal is another aspect of a game that would make it fun.  Making a goal that everyone wants to get to first is important to any game whether it be a game about debate, race, and reaching the highest level. Games are centered around goals or objectives that would affect if people would get immersed in the game or not.  Add a goal that is challenging yet effective to make people really want to play the game.  That is what makes a game fun.

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