Bad sleep as a teenager can lead to risky behavior

Studies show that difficulties going to bed increases your chance to drink, smoke, and boink illegally

New research has found that adolescents with sleeping difficulty or insufficiency have a higher risk of engaging in risky behavior. Stuff like drinking, smoking, and regretful sexual encounters indirectly increase as sleep goes down. Chronic tiredness has also predicted the presence of binge drinking, blackouts, driving under the influence, illicit drug use; just a large amount of nasty stuff (Like doing the nasty). Since 10% of teens have chronic insomnia, with 30% reporting occasional insomnia, this problem affects many teens.

The article was pretty interesting for me. The fact that fatigue affects our decision making on that scale is a tad alarming, especially considering that many of those bad temptations can affect us later in life. I tend to have trouble sleeping on a regular basis (I wouldn't consider it insomnia, but still) and I can attest to the fact that tiredness kind of makes you not care about a lot of things. While that can have it's benefits, it also leads to you not thinking things through, which could easily lead to one of these bad decisions.

This topic relates to psychology because it shows how fatigue can affect our mental processing. We don't get rest, our brain can't reset and restore chemicals, and then it's just driving a vehicle of stupid indifference (that's you by the way. The one reading. Your stupid). All in all, this article just showcases the importance of sleep

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