5 tips to be Safe online!

Lexie Askren

Tip #1

"Stranger Danger"

Tip number 1.  If you get an email from someone you don't know, delete and don't open.

Tip #2

"Be Careful"

Tip number 2.  Once you post something online it goes across states in seconds.  Be careful of what you post.

Tip #3

"Friend Or Fake"

Tip number 3.  How can you tell from fake friend or a real friend?  A real friend would like you because you make the right choice.

Tip # 4

"Trusting an Adult"

Tip number 4.  Talk with your parents to see if its ok to  post something online.  Make sure your comfortable to post it.

Tip #5

"Be Safe''

Tip number 5.  Once you post something its out of your control, Forever.  Make sure it is a good post.

now be safe online. :]

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