By Gaëlle, Lou-Anne and Nolwenn

Our Trip in New Y

We went to New York for a week-end (3 days). It was amazing!

We arrived on friday of the last week. We were excviting by this trip. It was a gift from our parents. We took a plane from Paris to New York at the J.F. Kennedy airport. We stayed in the Pod 51 hotel. It's a very grat hotel but it's a little expensive. The hotel food wasn't very good so we went in a restaurant everydays. On the first day we eat in an italian restaurant in the little Italy.

In our trip we visited the Statue of Liberty and the Gggenhaim museum. The vew was amazing. The second day we went to Manhattan and we went in Central Park's zoo and it wads very funny. For the evening we went to Time Square for the Coldplay's concert. They sang very well and we took a photo whith their.

By Gaëlle R., Lou-Anne D. and Nolwenn M.

For the last day, we went to the 5th Avenue by subway and we love that. We have bought a lot of souvenirs for us and for our family. Our best memorie was when we net G. Clonney with his new wife in Broadway

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