8.2 Reflections (Da Vinci)


Mirror Image of the sentence.

Part D.

He would ask me to practice writing all the different letters, and then looking at the image in a mirror to see if all letters are correct. Also, writing the sentence the normal way, so you can make sure you reverse all the letters. He would also say that my handwriting is really bad.

Part E

Because most people are right handed, he would have most like been able to move his hand towards the left in a more natural way, than people being right handed.

Part #20

The Mountain range is reflected on the water. It is a reflection because no distances are distorted or changed, and the image is the same as the Preimage.

The Wings of the Insect are reflected over the middle of its body.

The Face is reflected over the middle of the object, making it a symmetrical face.

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