Why I UD Greek Life

Become a part of something greater than yourself.


Greek life gave me a home away from home at UD. I know I will always have friends that will be there for me through the good and bad. There are so many great friends I have made through my sorority that I otherwise would have never known!


One trait that is underrated that comes from involvement in Greek life is leadership. Greek values encourage you to become the very best version of yourself to reach the standards and values of the organization you become a part of. I have found that there are so many opportunities for leadership that Greek life offers, through Panhellenic Council, chapter council, appointed officers, and committees. There are always a million ways to get involved!


My favorite part of Greek life is how, as a collective, we make a difference. Through the events held and service dedicated by each organization we have made a huge impact both on campus and in the Dayton community. We love boosting the confidence of women on campus, Girl Scouts, and in one another!

Go Greek!

As you can see, Greek life offers so much more than what you may think. Get excited for Recruitment 2014 to find your new home at Dayton!

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