Makeup Company
By Lila Parker

Business Description

Would you like to vist my business on jupiter?The name of my business is makeup company. My business on jupiter is a makeup company because sometimes makeup looks like dust and jupiter has dust. My makeup can come in many shapes and sizes.Overall I hope you will come to my makeup company on jupiter.

persuasive letter

dear customer,

I think that you should really come to my makeup will look very pretty because my makeup has sparkles in it.we will put on you make up for you ,so you do not have to go home and do it. Im open all day so you do not have to rush to get here you can do something and then come.I will let you come and put on your make up. All in all you should come get my make up  because it will make you shine.

sincerely; lila parker



large makeup box                                                             $15

small make up box                                                     $10


red                                                                            $2

pink                                                                    $4

green                         $1

black                      $5


sticker for box                      $10

locket for box                        $15

monogram for box             $20