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3 years ago

.09/01/14: “What has been the most eventful day for you, since school has started?" Why?” (Minimum of 5 sentences)

09/04/14: "Why did you select the tutorial that you did? (Minimum 5 sentences, include date)"

09/08/14: "Describe 5 things you hope to learn/gain from this class."

9/18/14: "Describe two designs that can be completed using the pen tool. Think about some of the recent projects we worked on, utilizing the pen tool."

9/23/14: Explain the following about Dia de los Muertos: 1.) Who 2.) What 3.) When 4.) Where 5.) Why -- Be sure journal entry is separated by each number. Example: 1.) Who: Dia de los muertos was started by... 2.) What: This day celebrates.. 3.) It began on... 4.) This holiday originated in the country of... 5.) It originally started because...