mLearning Options



What is it? Mobl21 allows teachers to create content that students can access from anywhere and at anytime. Students are able to perform at their own pace and take control of their own learning.

How can it be used? Teachers can use Mobl21 to post lectures and assignments online. Students are then able to work through concepts on their own, if they choose to. Teachers are also able to keep track  and monitor their students progress.


What is it? LearnCast is a tool that allows educators to create courses. What's great about this tool is that teachers don't need programming skills in order to use it. LearnCast has easy to follow instructions and tools that are clear and concise.

How can it be used? Educators can use this tool to create courses. The experience is further enhanced with the wide variety of tools LearnCast has available. For example, other than the core features (exam, quizzes, assignments etc), LearnCast allows educators to post videos, audio posts, and images.


What is it? Audioboo is a platform that allows users to record and share audioposts. The app can be found in both the apple app store and the google play store making it extremely accessible.

How can it be used? Audioboo can be integrated in the classroom in various ways. For example, students may record a news story for social studies and then share it with the class. You can also make it an option for students that have trouble with writing. The possibilities are endless.

Journal Jar

What is it? Journal Jar is an app that works as a prompt for students that may have trouble with an idea for a journal entry. Students "shake" the jar and it come up with a question or idea students can write on

How can it be used? This app is especially great for elementary english classes. Students are allotted a bit of independence by using the journal jar to come up with ideas for a journal entry. It might also make the mundane act of journal writing fun and exciting for some students.


What is it? Voicethread allows the user to post many different types of media such as videos, pictures, audio posts etc, and allows classmates or teachers to comment on the work

How can it be used? The app would especially be great for middle school or high school level projects. Students can post them on the website and have immediate peer feedback. The teacher can also make their assessment right on the website.

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