6 Reasons Your Delivery Service is Failing

Having problems with your delivery service? Keep receiving a lot of complaints from customers? Well, here’s our list of six things you need to keep your eye on if you want your delivery issues fixed:

  • 1. Storage system

What kind of storage system do you use? Or maybe you don’t have one at all? Then this is a great time as any to start. Install a competent racking and shelving system and watch your delivery time improve. To buy a good racking system, Singapore has plenty of these online and for sale. Just browse until you find exactly what you need for your warehouse.

  • 2. Process

Maybe it’s in the process? Do you have cut-offs in place? Like all orders are processed only until a certain time in the morning and orders after that only get processed in the afternoon? Maybe you could find a way to shorten the lag time in between? Imagine if an order came 5 minutes after the morning curfew? Then it’ll just be there, waiting, all afternoon until the next cut-off. That’s a lot of time wasted. If you can shave half of that off, it’s sure to make your customers happy.

  • 3. Technology and systems

You have the right product and process but maybe you’re not updating everything else. Keep up with the new tools, machines, anything you can use in your industry. Give your employees what they need, the best of tools, the best of everything if you can, so they can give you their best work in return.

  • 4. Human resources

Are your people trained well? Or are you outsourcing this? Are you using another company for the service? Then maybe it’s time you built your own delivery team from the ground up.

  • 5. Distance

Maybe the problem is location. If the majority of your consumer base is over in the north and your warehouse is located in the south, that distance would add to your delivery time. So if the transport of goods normally takes a day, imagine what would happen if it rained or a storm blew in. Then, how many times can you expect something like that to happen in a year? That sort of thing compromises your schedule and delivery time. You could fix that by moving your warehouse closer to your consumer base.

  • 6. No freebies

Don’t offer free shipping to your customers? Don’t let them switch to other providers because of this. If you plan on moving closer to your consumer base though, you could start offering free shipping then. This is just one way you could give customers what they want, along with what they need.