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Suggestions for developing or growing your Personal Learning Network

The best way to stay current and continue to grow as an educator is to build and grow your own Personal Learning Network (PLN).  Google+ and Twitter are excellent resources for connecting to educators around the world.  Here are some suggestions of people, communities, and blogs that will expose you to some of the latest pedagogy, tools, and ideas.  Some of the suggestions are specific to an area of interest, while others offer general teaching resources.

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Edutopia offers a variety of blog posts, articles and videos related to all areas of education.  They offer a strong push toward Project-Based Learning, technology, and meaningful assessment.  

Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne writes the renowned blog Free Technology for Teachers.  He offers a ton of suggestions, ideas and tips for using a variety of Web 2.0 Tools and Google Apps.

Kathy Schrock

Kathy Schrock authors the blog Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything, where she writes about a variety of educational technology topics and ideas.

Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell's blog Shake Up Learning house a number of quick guides, resources, ideas and tools for education innovation.  She focuses a lot on Google tips, tricks and tools.

eSchool News

eSchool News offers the latest trends and information on a variety of topics, and explicitly addresses how those trends impact education and pedagogy.  You can find a variety of videos on the eSchool News YouTube channel, and also follow them on Twitter using the link below.

Google Apps

There are a lot of great resources for learning about Google Apps for Education.  Click on the links below to access the two Google+ Communities Google Apps for Education and Google Apps in Education.  Both offer a vast amount of information on using Google Apps.  You might also like the #googleEDU Twitter hashtag below.

#edtech and #edchat

You can click on the links below or search #edtech  or #edchat in Twitter to see a great variety of ideas and resources for education.

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