Stinson Tech Integration Day

February 11, 2015

Hello, Stinson teachers! I will be at your campus on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, to help you integrate some technology into an upcoming lesson. Please decide with your team which upcoming lesson could might benefit from a little "techifying." Then review the technology choices below and decide which tool you would like to know more about. Finally, let me know your choices on the Google form at the end of this Tackk.
You will get customized training that you can use right away: how to integrate the technology tool of your choice into the lesson of your choice!

1. Popplet/Padlet

Popplet and Padlet are two of the easiest (and yet most effective) tools you can use in your classroom. Instantly create a variety of mind maps with Popplet (similar to Kidspiration). Padlet allows you to have an interactive electronic sticky note board - great for Reader's Response, vocabulary development, and more.

2. Videoconferencing/
Mystery Skype

Bring the world (or just a classroom across the city) into your room with videoconferencing!  Learn about some cool sites (like museums or zoos) that you can "visit" online. Use Safari Live to set up a videoconference.  Learn to use Mystery "Skype," an educational game, invented by teachers, played by two classrooms via videoconference. The aim of the game is to guess the location of the other classroom by asking each other questions.

3. Powtoon

Create, and help your students create, professional looking animated presentations. No more PowerPoint!

4. Thinglink

Use Thinglink to create interactive images and videos. Make your images
come alive by adding "hotspots" that pop up with video, text, images, or music.

5. Tellagami/Chatterpix
(iPad apps)

Use Tellagami or Chatterpix to have your students demonstrate their knowledge or explain a concept. Great for showing off at Open House!

Google Form Here!

Click the form below to let me know what YOUR tech training will look like!
I need your responses by FRIDAY, JANUARY 31.