Early Hominids: Wise Man

by: Kayley Snyder

The Latin name of the wise man is: Homo Sapiens Neatheralensis

Physical features: the wise man had Ticle bones. They had a ridge above their eyes. They are shorter and stockier then us humans. The wise man group also walked hunched over. Also the wise man was very strong.

The wise man discovered by mine workers in Germany, Neanenailey. The wise man group lived in Europe. He lived about 23,000,000 to 300,000,000 million years ago. Over 60 types of tools have been found from the Wise group. The wise man group used spears to kill animals. They also used knives, and scrapers. the Wise man group the the first to hunt in a organized group. The Wise man group cared for each other by placing the people who died from the wise man group I burial mounds along with hunting tools, an flowers.

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