Logo 4/8/15

1: Nike

2: Givenchy

3: Jordan

4: Leeann Chin

5: Apple

Nike:  Nike got my loyalty from basketball. If It wasn't that I played ball I don't think I'd like Nike as much as I do.  Jordan would probably have to come out with better things for them to lose me as a fan  

Leeann Chin: Leeann chin is by far my favorite Chinese restaurant. There orange chicken is the best I've tasted. There Mongolian chicken isn't too bad neither. There would have to be a better Chinese restaurant for Leeann chin to lose me as a fan

Every logo has a meaning behind it, the meaning behind it makes it memorable. Like the Jordan logo represents Jordan's unbelievable dunk from the free throw line.

If I was to pick a logo for myself it would be Jordan.

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