Mexico- War on Drugs

•war on drugs began under stewardship of Nixon administration where he believed to put strong law enforcement to increase of prices for drugs making them inaccessible

• Mexican Zeta cartel were originally soldiers that deserted in order to work for cartels.

• cocaine and heroin is dominated by Andes and Afghanistan, and the collection of coca and opium poppy is done by poor peasants which these places have been struck by poverty already.

• US has been inspired by Vietnams War and "Orange agent" where they use an herbicide 'roundup' to destroy fields of coca or poppy which have far reaching environmental repercussions.

• What Mexico needs is jobs or legal alternatives to alleviate poverty

• try and tackle traffickers in Europe of the U.S. instead of changing around the world, but we need to cut off the demand for drugs in the consumers.

• instead of imprisonment we should be addressing with them as clinical patients that suffer from an addiction which will be cheaper and more effective to limit drugs.

"Fighting a Losing Battle: The Futility of the Current 'war on Drugs' | Insight on Conflict." Insight on Conflict Fighting a Losing Battle The Futility of the Current War on Drugs Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2015.

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