-- five mLearning apps --

1) www.readingbear.org

Although it is not an app, this website can be accessed by mobile devices. Reading Bear is a website used to teach younger children to read by introducing them to a basic vocabulary while guiding them through pronunciation. The site uses sounds and images to introduce children to blends, vowels, etc. Reading Bear provides the young reader with quizzes and has a program to track progress.

- In a kindergarten or grade one classroom, Reading Bear can be used in many different ways. I can see this website being used during quiet reading time, as a collective class activity, or even assigned to the weaker readers to do at home since it goes into depth.

2) Math Magic

This mathematical app is geared towards children in division one. This app teaches children basic math, it allows you to change the levels, and add timers for an added challenge. Math Magic involves sound effects and plenty of visuals which will keep the young math learner interested and engaged.

- To use this app in class I would definitely utilize the timed challenge function, I would encourage the children to complete the app's challenges in the specific time frame. This could be a fun activity and prizes can be provided to the children for showing improvement. I would use this app in a similar fashion to "mad minutes".

3) xDiagram

xDiagram is an app that allows you to create diagrams and a variety of graphic organizers. You are able to create a diagram with various shapes, add text and embed images.

- xDiagram could be very useful in the latter grades of elementary and all through secondary education. Students are constantly required to write stories and papers, this app can be used in the classroom to prepare for a writing assignment. Students can either make a mind map in a short time span or gather and organize relevant information over a long period of time for something like term papers.

4) The Journal

The Journal is an app that is essentially a digital journal, making recording your thoughts, notes, etc quick and easy. Journal entries can also be emailed through the app.

- This app would get an incredible amount of usage in all classrooms k-12. In an elementary classroom in particular, I would have students write up a weekly journal entry through this app and conveniently email it to me, eliminating excess paper usage.

5) Ubooly

Ubooly is a friendly online character that kids can connect to through the app. Ubooly engages in several activities with the children, activities that aren't exclusively online. Ubooly is a very interactive app that touches base on both education and entertainment.

- This app is something I would use in a kindergarten classroom during free time, if a child seems to be lonely and does not want to communicate with his/her peers, I would encourage the student to open this app and engage in the activities Ubooly has to offer.

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