mLearning: Tools and Uses

Jacqueline Radbourne, EDU210 Module 9 Part A

Please read below for my mLearning application choices, and how I might use them in the classroom!


An app that allows the user to draw easily and drop their drawing like a message to other users.

This application could be used for a fun, alternative way to assess a student's understanding of a lesson. As a teacher I could ask students to draw a simple diagram of a plant cell, a type of architectural column, or geographical map and "drop it" to me, where I can look at it and assess it. This can act as short quizzes to make sure everyone is on track.

Learn you Colours

This application helps kids to learn to identify colours, in English or any of the 21 different languages. You can also create your own custom cards with a camera option.

I would use this in the classroom as a tool for learning about art and colour. It can be collaborative as well, where students can take photos of colours they see. Students can also learn to identify colours in another language.


Jing is a screen casting application that allows you to make short, concise videos of pertinent information to share.

This could be handy for a resources page on a learning management system (LMS), or to send to kids for homework assignments. Some kids need to see things more than once, and this tool enables them to watch what you are doing onscreen as often and as slowly as the desire. The instructor's demo can be shared and repeated.


This is an app that allows students to browse through free photos.

I like this app for easy and quick access to categories of free stock photos for students to use for their presentation, reports, projects, screen casts, or blogs. Students can learn how adding an image can enhance their work, as well as the importance of using images that are free for them to use, and not copyrighted.


This is an app for kids to use for learning about grammar, and also checking on their grammar when needed.

In the classroom Students can use this on their own time when writing, as needed, or as a shared exercise working on quizzes, games, or watching videos about topics they are learning about in grammar.

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