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Good evening Japan. Today we will be talking about the wonderful art and culture in Heian.


A group of nobles who live near and serve or advise a ruler. The nobles of this court loved beauty and elegance. Because of this love, Many nobles were great supporters of the arts.


The nobles love of beauty began with their own appearances. They had magnificent wardrobes full of silk robes and gold jewelry. Women wore long gowns made of twelve layers of colored silk cleverly cut and folded to show off many layers at once. To complete their outfits, nobles often carried delicate decorative fans. These fans were painted with flowers, trees, and birds. Many nobles also attached flowers and long silk cords to their fans. Guess we could say they were a work of art themselves. Today if you were to go to japan I wouldn't expect them to dress like this. Nowadays the Japanese fashion is a mixture of local and foreign labels. People are more focused on wearing tight clothes or baggy clothes that look like they jumped out of a magazine. If you were to go to Japan you most likely wouldn't see elegant silk gowns and fans decorated with trees and birds.


Did you know that Japanese nobles also took great care of how they spoke and wrote. Writing had been very popular among the nobles, especially among the women. Many of the women wrote in Diaries or in Journals about their lives at court. In their writing they chose their words carefully to make their writing beautiful. Men normally wrote in the Chinese language and the women wrote in the Japanese language. As a result, many of the greatest works of early Japanese literature were written by women. Which is nothing new cause women do it best anyway.

Visual Art

Nobles had also took great interest in visual arts. The most popular art forms of  the period were paintings, calligraphy, and architecture. The nobles of Heian liked bright, bold colors. They also liked paintings that illustrated stories. Another visual arts that they loved was calligraphy. Calligraphers spent hours carefully copying poems. They wanted the poems to look as beautiful as they sounded.

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