1984 Reading Log Kyle Xia

Sections 1-4

Winston decides to start writing in an illegal diary. He first writes about a movie showing, but then he recalls an earlier incident where he had a connection with a man named O' Brien. As he is daydreaming about this, he doesn't notice that he has been writing, "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER" over and over again. His neighbor comes to ask him for help, and her kids make him remember about the danger that kids are because they are so zealous in following Big Brother.    

“Now that he had recognised himself as a dead man it became important to stay alive as long as possible”(Orwell 38)

Are their thoughts being controlled? (Because everyone automatically hates Emmanuel)

Why isn't it illegal to own a diary, yet illegal to write in it?

Activity One


Present: Happiness, World Peace, Fulfillment, Freedom, No Taxes, Free Wifi

Absent: War, Discrimination, Pain, Disease, Obesity, Dying, Slavery, Pickles, Poverty

I think that living in Utopia would be fulfilling, happy, peaceful, and tranquil. However, eventually it would get boring.

I think that making a true Utopia is impossible, but creating an artificial one for yourself through virtual reality could be possible.


Present: War, Discrimination, Pain, Disease, Obesity, Dying, Slavery, Pickles, Poverty

Absent: Happiness, World Peace, Fulfillment, Freedom, No Taxes, Free Wifi

Living in a dystopia would be terrible, degrading, awful, and one would only be allowed to eat pickles.

A dystopia is entirely possible because mankind has already gotten fearfully close to a dystopia, and one could argue that we already have gone through dystopian times. Such as the Dark Ages where people all had very little knowledge.

Sections 3-6

As Winston wakes, he has clandestine thoughts of false history. He thinks about how nearly all numbers and files are rubbish and falsified. At his job all he does is recreate documents while the originals are thrown into a conflagration. He goes to eat his acrid lunch and meets up with his comrade, Syme. He realizes that Syme will most likely be vaporised even though Syme sees Big Brother as an august leader. As an announcement happenes during lunch, Winston continues to think about how no history is indelible.

Sections 7-8

Is Big Brother an actual person? Or just false image created by the Inner Party?

Is O'Brien actually rebellious?

What is the importance of the small shop where he got the book?

How different is Winston's view of the proles from the other Party members?

I don't think that Big Brother is an actual person. Very little solid traits or knowledge is known about him. Winston thinks that, "he had known their names years earlier than he had known that of Big Brother." Big Brother didn't lead the revolution since Winston says he knew about the three rebels before Big Brother. Big Brother only has a picture on the telescreens everywhere, he isn't shown having any political power. All the power is in the Ministries or the Thought Police.

Part 2 Section 1-3

I think that Julia is only attracted to Winston because she thinks that he has the same mindset as her. She said, "'As soon as I saw you I knew you were against them.'" However, just because both of them have thoughts against the Party doesn't mean they're the same. Even in their defiance they are different. Winston actually still has respect and fear for the Party but Julia openly hates them. Also I don't think that the relationship will last long. Julia has been with a ton of different people, and I think she'll leave him if she finds a more compatible partner.

This slogan poster is showing three solemn soldiers. Surrounding them is a peace sign. The two separate ideas forced together is an example of Doublethink, simultaneously knowing that war is bad and believing that war is peace. The poster is as black and white as possible to show that war and peace seem different but actually work together. It also makes the poster less complicated and reinforces that this is a simple, true idea. The three sentences show that Big Brother is always there and is a common saying said by many.

Part 2 Sections 4-8

1.“By lack of understanding they remained sane” (Orwell 170)

2.“I was talking recently to a friend of yours who is certainly an expert. His name has slipped my memory for the moment.” (Orwell 171)

3.“the inner heart, whose workings were mysterious even to yourself, remained impregnable.” (Orwell 181)

4.“O’Brien nodded without appearance of surprise. ‘In the place where there is no darkness,’ he said, as though he had recognised the allusion.” (Orwell 192)

Seminar Paragraph

A council called the National Council of Teachers of English started a committee designed to find and draw attention to the public use of Doublespeak. The government, specifically the military, has been called out many times by this committee. For example the government has changed animals such as cow, sheep, and pigs to grain consuming animal units. The military calls U.S. soldiers shooting each other friendly fire. There are also many other terms that the military has changed. Such as the killing of innocent civilians is now simply called collateral damage.

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