Comments are an important part of your class blog. Comments allow students, and other readers, to engage in discussions, share their thoughts and connect with your class blog.  Writing for an audience gives purpose to your writing and gives you a voice that can read across oceans and continents!  Being able to write free of criticism an harassment builds trust between your classmates, your teachers, and your readers!  Today we will:

1. Learn FIVE SIMPLE STEPS to writing good comments from some very young bloggers!

2. Read about why blogging makes you a better writer and digital citizen.

2. See an example of an effectively written comment.

3. Read a student blog and write a pleasant, purposeful comment.

Click HERE to write about the FIVE TIPS for WRITING GOOD COMMENTS

This is a grade! Don't skip this step!

Now it's your turn to demonstrate your commenting skills!  Your assignment is to read the student blog provided and compose pleasant, purposeful commentary to his/her post, using the FIVE TIPS FOR WRITING GOOD COMMENTS.

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3 months ago

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