The Rain Forest


There are many biotic animals in the rain forest. For instance this frog. There are ants, monkeys, leopards, birds, iguanas, snakes , sloths, and many more.


There aren't many abiotic things in the rainforest. There is the

amount of water and sunlight, climate, weather and precipitation

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity: The limit of how many organisms an ecosystem can support.   

For instance when the peccary's die out. The jaguars will lose a big chunk of their prey. Which will cause the jaguars to start to die.

Limiting Factors

Limiting Factors: Factors that affect the organisms in the carrying capacity.

If a wildfire came through the rain forest the snakes and birds would lose shelter. The birds would lose shelter and the snakes. The birds are in trees and the snakes stay in leaves in the ground in leaves. That will all burn away.

Energy Roles

Energy Roles: the way the energy rolls from organism to organism

Producers: orchids, buttress roots, ferns, mosses, shrubs, canopy level trees, flowers, etc.

Consumers: snakes, birds, monkeys,

Decomposers: slugs, fungi, bacteria and scavenge them for food.

Different types of consumers: omnivores, herbivore, carnivores, and scavengers. Herbivores: organisms diet that mainly consists of plants. Carnivores: organisms diet that consists of mainly meat. Omnivores: organisms diets that consist of meat and plants. Scavengers: organisms that doesn't focus on one organism they find dead animals and scavenge the body for meat.


3. It receives the energy from the level under it.

4.producers are the main income for that food web. It starts it which means that that is at the very bottom of the pyramid.

Food Chains & Food Webs

Food webs are more realistic because they have more organisms to choose from to eat.

If the producers are taken out of the food web all of the consumers will run out of food to eat will decrease all of the consumers.

Trophic Levels & Energy Pyramids

You use a pyramid because it's getting smaller as it goes up. If you use another shape it is the same.

Producers are the largest and at the bottom because they make their own food and start the food chain or web. The tertiary is at the top because it loses the amount of energy it gets from the secondary consumer so it goes down in population.


2. CO2 (carbon dioxide) + H2O (water) + light energy --> C6H12O6 (glucose) + O2 (oxygen)

3. They need CO2, water, and sunlight. They give off glucose and oxygen.



Tropisms= Is turning or bending movement of an organism toward or away from an external stimulus, such as light, heat, or gravity.

cacao tree reacting to sunlight which is phototropism.

3. They help all other plants reproduce because they are being eaten.

The Role Of Decomposers

1. The rainforest needs decomposers to break down dead animals and doo doo.If there aren't any decomposers the ecosystem would be filled with dead bodies and doo doo.

2. They have worms and mushrooms.


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