This cancer is the most common type of bone cancer, but rare among other cancers. this is a malignant disease that starts in the bones.


                                                       Usually genetically inherited .

Symptoms / Diagnosis

Symptoms-Pain & Swelling, Bone Fractures.

Diagnosis- Medical History & Physical Exams which include, Imaging tests, Bone X-rays, MRI's , CT scans, Chest X-rays , Bone scan, PET scan, Biopsy (needle or open surgery) ,Lab tests and Blood tests.


About 800 new cases per year

Around 400 are teens and children from 10-30

10% are 60 and above

Most common in Males

Treatment /Prevention

Chemotherapy is given before and after surgery. In some cases Radiation therapy is needed.

There is no certain prevention from this disease since it is usually genetically contracted. lifestyle changes as in healthy living and quit smoking may



                      This is Rachel Edwards story.

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