Why Consider Taking Your SAT Test in Singapore?

For many high school or secondary school students, their junior and senior years are the most pivotal in their lives. This is when they start preparing for college, and their days are filled with college applications, entrance exam preparations and more. While many are happy to go to a top university in the Southeast Asian Region, there are those who have set their sights higher: to attend an Ivy League school.

Nowadays, getting into the Ivy League is not reserved for kids who live in the county where the school is. With scholarships and special requirements available, anyone can apply. The most important thing would be taking the SAT Test Singapore which is a requirement for most Ivy League school applications.

The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that lets you show colleges what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge. It tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math--subjects that are taught every day in high school classrooms.

For Singaporean high school students looking to apply to the big leagues, they will be happy to know that they don't have to go far to be able to accomplish their SAT test. Singapore has centers that will allow them to take the test. One such place is IvyPrep.

IvyPrep is Singapore's leading test prep center and admissions consultancy, specializing in SAT prep and U.S. university admissions consulting. The IvyPrep SAT Masterclass curriculum is based on careful research of College Board material. At IvyPrep, they deconstruct the entire SAT exam for their students. They will learn to master every type of question they will encounter on your SAT exam day.

This comes with confidence as IvyPrep is considered the best of the best. The IvyPrep Team includes two perfect SAT scorers and four Ivy League graduates. This is perfect for those who are serious about perfecting their SAT Test. Singapore's best will do their best to train students to aim high and land those Ivy League admissions.

Students who have previously taken their course have noted that they learned much from these classes -- things they may not have encountered if they self-studied. Some were also able to improve low SAT scores to much more competitive higher scores!

With a review and preparation center like IvyPrep and instructors on hand to help students succeed, there really is no other better place to take your SAT.