Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was most famous for his influence in the jazz community. He was most famous for playing the trumpet. Armstrong had a hard childhood, he was poor but that didn't stop him from becoming an amazing musician. Although he was famous for being a musician, he was the first African American to write a jazz autobiography. One thing he did was criticize the government because of civil rights, this caused a lot of attention but most people do know about. He also got married four times. They all lead to a divorce but he possibly had a daughter but DNA test have been taken to back up the debate. Even though we may never did know that she was related to him he did support her and sent her  money. This proves that Armstrong was a caring person. Him criticizing the government can also say that he did fought or argued for what he believed in, he knew that his opinion would cause negative attention, but sometime it may have been positive at one time. And him having a hard child hood proves that he was a strong person and he didn't let that stop him from becoming a talented musician.  Louis Armstrong was a goodhearted, strong, brave person. And also quite talented in his music.

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