(Lynx Canadensis)

Although lynx are found in mostly Canada, America has it's fair share of lynx. One of the states containing the lynx is Colorado

Random map of Colorado

Conservation status

Critically Endangered

The Endangered

It is a rare sight if you encounter a lynx. That is because lynx are endangered. In fact, lynx are the most endangered feline species.


What causes these felines to become endangered? One of the biggest reasons lynx are threatened is that their main food source, bunnies are infecting lynx with a disease called myxomatosis. Another cause of their small population is hunting. They are valued for their fur and also valued as a trophy.


Lynx usually eat bunnies as their main meal, but they also eat deer. Also the lynx is an apex predator.


How can we help these animals?

One thing that is happening already in the state of Colorado is the Reintroduction Program to create stable population of lynx in Colorado. But, we can do much more than this. So I am going propose so ideas. One of the lynx's problem is they're losing their habitat due to dams, roads, etc. To solve this we could transfer lynx to a huge property that nobody can be in than release many treated, non infected bunnies into the private property. This will also protect many lynx from being hunted. Because humans will not be able to disturb the lynx, this could give them a chance to mate and increase the population. Then, we could release some of the lynx population from the property.

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