By: Jacob Walker


Population: 48,934,959 people

Currency: Colombian Peso

National Language: Spanish

Neighboring Countries: Ecuador, Venezuela

Located in: South America

A map of where Colombia is.

Slang Phrases

  • ¡que oso! – what a shame!
  • darselas de perro – to think you are better than everyone else
  • engatuzar – to swindle, to cheat
  • ¡nanay cucas! – no way!
  • ella anda muy mosca – she is grouchy/in a bad mood

Famous Places

Torre Colpatria

Tallest building in the country and 2nd in South America

A man standing next to his flower art.

Festival of the Flowers is a festival that takes place in Medellín, Colombia. This festival is the one of the most important social events for the city. There is a pageant, some automobiles, and a Paso Fino horse parade, plus many musical concerts.

The Maloka Museum is a science museum located in Bogotá, Colombia. Visitors can interact with a wide variety of exhibits that explore topics in Science and Technology.

This is pan de yuca, a cheese bread

Colombian Food and Drinks

Colombian coffee is known for its distinct flavor and quality. Much of the worlds coffee beans are from Colombia, but they commonly drink instant coffee instead.

Pan de yuca is baked cheese bread made with yuca flour.

Climate and Weather

Colombia is a tropical place, mainly because it is near the equator. It is also sometimes the victim of mother nature, being hit be tropical storms, having a 1-5% chance in any given year to be hit by a tropical storm.

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