Does Tanning Really Cause Skin Cancer?

Kaitlyn Wallace- AP English- Horne

In the pictures above, I chose some pictures to show different aspects of skin cancer. The first picture is a graph showing healthy skin compared to skin that has been infected with melanoma. The second graph shows statistics based the number of skin cancer cases that have appeared based on sex and severity. The third graph shows the percentage of people, including their age group, that go to the tanning bed.

Product Approval Form

Preparing My Materials

Proposal for Ad Awareness Campaign/Fundrasier

Ad Awareness Campaign Time

Spreading the Word


These last couple of weeks, I worked extremely hard to create the most useful products to get my school aware of the dangers of skin cancer. I designed brochures, flyers, and even created a video for my campaign. On Thursday, October 24, 2013, Hannah Robinson and I came together and had our Awareness Campaign. She sold t-shirts while I handed out and explained my brochures. I also set my flyers out and played my video for people who came by the table. Combining our forces not only helped expand our personal knowledge of the subject, but helped us reach out even further to the school's community.

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