Thompson's  #TACKK

The haunted pumpkin

Mia: Halloween is special to me because you get to do all sorts of games, like four corners or heads up seven up.And you get to spend time with your family, trick-or-treating and have fun with your friends and family.THANK YOU.HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Me:  Halloween isn't my favorite time of the year but I do have good memories of when I was a kid always watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and designing some cheap ol' costume.  I think I was either a witch or a bum every year.  I do remember my brother Mark once was a robot that he made out of a refrigerator box and aluminum foil.  Grand Prize goes to him.  I like seeing my kids get excited and semi-creative making their own costumes. Overall, it's truly just another day in my book.  

This is Jack from my favorite hallow movie

Landon:  The part I like about halloween is the fun, like the movies and the family time.

snoop dog

Braden:  candy and scary stuff

nothing like a full moon for holloween

Brad:  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because people get to dress up and show what they like.  It is fun to go out and trick or treat. I have a lot of great memories of this day.