Alexander Hamilton

                                                      Views on Slavery

Personal Background

Alexander Hamilton consistently opposed slavery. However, he was wiling to compromise for the good of the union. He saw how much slaves were helping, especially in the South, to defeat the British. With slaves they were able to greatly increase the production of raw materials, which helped to drive England out of the colonies.  

Conflicting Political Beliefs

Alexander Hamilton's views conflicted with the Patriot's beliefs. The Patriot's were only interested in freeing themselves, not the slaves. The slaves were very useful to them, and they did not see them as equals. This was very different from Hamilton's beliefs. He thought that the system of slavery was brutal, and should be destroyed.


Alexander Hamilton's writings and speeches influenced what the characters experienced in the book, "Chains" by Laurie Halse Anderson. He was willing to compromise for the good of the union, and did not take a stand against slavery. Alexander did not clearly declare whether he was for or against slavery, and did not advocate for the rights of African-Americans. This affected the characters in the book because they were never shown respect by the patriots, and many were willing to give their allegiance to the British.

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