Why develop the Oil Sand now they ?

the oil sands are located in Alberta. they want to expand the oil sands because of jobs and money. right now they make 49 billion so if the expand they will be making double the money. also they employ 121,500 people with jobs so if they double that there will be more people with jobs.


Environmental Damage:

they are contaminating the water by trowing the waste from the oil sand. that contaminated water is our drinking water so problems happen to us  and the animals such as fish. fish live in the water so they get infected right away, the get big welts, deform, and boils. after awhile they die and then our fish population decreases.

Health Concerns:

people are dying and getting infected with diseases such as cancers, tumors, etc. if they continue with the developing of oil they will keep kill people. also I infects us because there putting it in the water that we drink and the water we us to grow our foods.


I think they should stop the oil development because its damaging the agriculture and it making us sick and get infected with diseases. it may bring in money but its make us humans sick. if the stop we could have fresh water to drink, also they are putting our fish endanger.  

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