Brief Summary

Welcome to smurfland the village was found by Dr. Blue. He was on a trip he had stopped to rest for a night and found the village in 1914.You can come out and see the friendly smurfs, its a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors and see their daily life. They work all together as a family to keep their village safe and clean.    


Our climate is sunny but not to were its too hot. Based to the climate they eat all kinds of food like, pizza,burgers,spaghetti, etc. There favorite food is pizza and there favorite dessert is ice cream. The food that is available everywhere because it's their favorite food is pizza


The smurfs live in  these small mushroom houses. The smurfs live in a very small village.The population is 14,ooo smurfs because, the village is not big enough,so there's barely smurfs living there. The structure is creative because they make most of the stuff themselves especially their furniture they have in their house.


The schools for smurfs are from first grade to seƱiors of high school.They then have to go to a different village for college because their village doesn't have a college. Any one is allowed to got to school but of course they put you in the grade by when you were born. You're allowed to go to school until you're 19 and to the most 20 and thats how old you should be when you get out of high school,but they check your date of birth first.There is no cost of schooling until you get to college.

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