The Eye of Minds

by James Dashner

the characters are





the setting is in the future in a secret path that leads to Kaine.

the plot is about this kid named Micheal that is kidnapped by the V.N.S.

and he is told by the V.N.S. that he has to find Kaine with his two best friends in this thing called the virt net.

the virt net is a game that you immerse your entire body in and you still feel the real pain.

it starts out when Micheal walks back school. he is taking his normal rout straight to his "coffin" (the thing that allows them to go to the virt net) and when he gets there he finds a girl about to jump off the bridge. he thinks it would be a good way too get experience points by convincing her not to but something tells him it is not about the game anymore to this girl. the girl is crying about the guy named Kaine and has trapped her in this game. she starts to dig into the side of her head. when she finds what she is looking for she reaches into her head with her forefinger and thumb and pulls it out. When he sees what she pulled out he sees that it is her core. (the core is located in your head to keep you from dying in the real world.) and she threw it off the bridge. and jumped off after it. Micheal knew what had happened so he reached for the girl and gets pulled of the bridge with her.

you have to read the book to find out more. i give it a five star rating

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