The Practical and Useful Cardboard Gift Box

The cardboard gift box are widely used in foreign trade, clothing, daily necessities, cosmetics, daily chemical products, hardware, gifts, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, stationery, jewelry, jewelry, food, advertising and other industries.

The chocolate packaging box has the advantages of easy processing. That is to say, this kind of gift box can be made through the rows of knives, including cutting rolling, folding, sticking, pasting, printing, laminating, and hot stamping. The method is easier to put the cardboard processed into the required shapes and sizes. The cardboard gift box of various kinds can be made according to the patterns.

In addition to these benefits, it is generally agreed that the rigid paper box IS cheap to make. And the materials are more likely to get. What’s more, the productions that are made by cardboard have certain ability to reject collusion. The paper material belongs to recycled degradation. What’s worth mentioning is that cardboard gift box is convenient for printing on. After all, the material of paper has little environmental effect. Therefore, at present, many people and manufactures choose to use cardboard gift box.

With the appearance and popularity of cardboard gift box, the gift box is designed into different shapes, colors and sizes.

Part of the gift box packaging products is the structure of the folded form, this greatly reduces the storage and transportation of space, making store transport becomes easy. Fixed miniature cardboard gift box generally consists of two parts---the box body and the lid. Stationary gift box packaging products is higher than the strength of the folding box packaging. Refined fixed box for packaging will bring consumers desire to buy goods, but this kind of paper food box packaging need much manual processing, so the cost is higher.

According to the different folded form, the cardboard gift box is divided into the boat type paper foldable box, sticky bottom folding box, single folding box and folding Angle box. Generally speaking, it can be divided into nine kinds of the form of the structure, named the roll cover type, portable, buckle cover type, drawer, and the evolution of display type, liquid type, modular, open the window and variant type gift box packaging.

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