Lacy Hutchcroft's Apartment

Lacy Hutchcroft is a 21 year old Ballerina. She has recently moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of dancing with the American Ballet company. Lacy is interested in contracting with your team of designers but will need you to prepare a visual and written design plan. Lacey is on a very strict budget and you will only be given $1000 to purchase any items that will feel are necessary (Paint, new furniture, Wall mounts, etc.)

Lacy picked this apartment because on the eastern wall of the living room there is a 10ft picture window looking over the city. Lacey is a southern girl and wants her big city apartment to remind her of home. She hopes for an apartment that will appear spacious but comfortable and and inviting. Below you will find a list of the furniture and personal belongings that Lacy will be taking with her to New York.

Skills Needed for this project:
ELA- Identify the author's viewpoint or position and explain the basic relationships among ideas (e.g., parallelism, comparison, causality) in the argument (Rdg 5.12A); Students write persuasive texts to influence the attitudes or actions of a specific audience on specific issues. Students are expected to write persuasive essays for appropriate audiences that establish a position and include sound reasoning, detailed and relevant evidence, and consideration of alternatives (Wtg 5.19)

Math- Represent and solve problems related to perimeter and/or area (5.4H); create and use representations to connect and communicate mathematical ideas(5.1E); Balance a simple budget (5.10F- 4th nine weeks), & Solve problems by calculating conversions within a measurement system, customary, or metric (**new 5.4H**)

Example of student's persuasive writing:

For Lacy's apartment, for the bedroom we used currant jam and we tried to make it cozy & warm. We also wanted it to match with the bedroom....

We chose these colors because she is a ballerina and all ballerinas LOVE PINK!

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