Let's Go To The Dance!

{a project done by Kelsey Allen and Victoria Morelli}

Storyline: You are going to the 7th grade dance and you want to know how much money you are going to need to borrow from your parents. You have figured out that the outfit you want to wear is going to cost $56.55, but it is currently on sale for 30% off at the Mall and the sales tax is 6% in Missouri. You will also need to pay for a ticket to the dance. If you buy the ticket in advance it will cost $10.00, but if you buy the ticket at the door of the dance it will cost $15.00. The last thing you will need money for dinner. You are figuring that you will need $18.00 for the meal at dinner and then you will need to add 6% sales tax and a 20% tip to your meal price.


How much money will we need to attend the 7th grade dance?

Buying tickets in advance: $74.87

Buying tickets at the door: $79.87


If your parents lend you $75.00, is that enough to cover your costs?

Yes, it would be enough IF you were buying tickets in advance, because the cost is $74.87.  But if you were not buying them in advance, and you bought them at the door, it would not be enough, because the cost is $79.87.


What is the percentage of change in the price of dance tickets from buying them in advance to buying them at the door?

The percentage of change is 50%.


How much money will you owe your parents if you have to pay them back the $75.00, with an additional interest rate of 5%?

You will owe your parents $78.75



{also enjoy these lovely pictures of Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez dancing in the rain}