2nd Quarter Coming to an End

To make sure ALL your work is in see details below. Also, what do you think about the hunting of wolves in Minnesota? Please add your comments below.

6th gr. students:  Work to be Completed

The list below is prioritized, meaning the items at the top hold the most weight. You should have ALL your work done by
Jan. 16th, Wednesday.           ~Ms. Jacobson

  • Units 1-3 of Typing Agent completed with mostly greens. No reds!  Very few yellows!
  • Christmas Letter that was printed should be in your personal folder on the X drive.
  • Your Ancient Greece Packet should be completed to the BEST of your ability. I will NOT accept garbage!
  • TenMarks:  You have had a lot of time to work on the assignments laid out on your sheet. Remember I cut the number of problems done correctly to 10, not 30 or 40.