Mead Halls

By Jacob Ferreira

Mead halls were a common meating place where a king and his thanes could celebrate their victories and treasure during the day and sleep at night.

Mead halls were often made of massive wooden timbers

My mead hall was built using large walnut beams from walnut trees indigenous to Denmark.

Instead of a fireplace on the side of the building my mead hall has a large centralized open fireplace in which everyone gathers around to eat and drink.

The king who rules in this hall is the mighty Cris Carter. Oftern referred to as the king of the Vikings (Minnesota). His hall of fame career provides him the credentials to command a troup of of blood thirsty Vikings. The only regret that he has in his career is that he did not win the most important battle of his life, the super bowl.


King Carter has recently been nominated into the National Football League Hall of Fame, and as a result a party is being thrown in his honor. On the menu is all the traditional Danish meals from the 1000s. At this time the process for making cheese had just been created.

In order to get within the King's good graces one must have been in the same Hall of Fame class as Cris Carter, or have been a teammate of the legendary King Carter. At the feast women would act as waitresses providing the thanes and men with meals and drinks. Other women attending were either related to King Carter or are of political and/or religious significance.

For the first event of the night a feast will be held in appreciation of King Carter. The feast will begin with opening remarks from fellow teammates and end with a cheese tasting.

After the feast there will be dancing between the men and women attending the feast.

After the dancing was over gifts would be given to those who had performed valiantly or to those that had passed away in battle. Gifts were presented to the deceased as burial offerings.  Gifts were also given to the King and Queen as a sign of respect and social status. After the celebration was over a day or two later, the benches would be placed on the edge of the building, and the soldiers would retire to them and fall asleep.

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