Christmas in Venezuela is one of the most colorful in Latin America and the whole world! Firework shows are very popular and they go all out when it comes to Christmas.  Main presents are given at the midnight on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus (he's also sometimes known as Papa Noel or San Nicolas in Venezuela) and the Baby Jesus bring the gifts to children. Some homes will have a Christmas Tree, but they're normally artificial ones as pine and fir trees aren't common in Venezuela. Nativity Scenes (Nacimiento) are very popular and in some regions they are more common than Christmas Trees. Going to Midnight Mass (Misas de Aguinaldo) is very popular and there many other masses and church services in the days before Christmas. In Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, there's a tradition of people rollerskating to the early morning church services from 16th to 24th December. The roads are often closed to traffic by 8.00am to make it safe for people to skate!

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3 years ago

Good job on details Grayson. The title picture doesn't really bring to mind Venezuela though. One that showed a city in Venezuela during Christmas time would have been perfect.

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can you add something about like maybe about his origin