Country Name: Argentina

Capital: Buenos Aires

Major Languages: Spanish,Italian,and German

Location: South America

Population:41.45 million, the average age is 30 the life expectancy 76.01

The top 3 major cities in Argentina are Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Mendoza.

And the the top 3 major bodies of water are lake Argentino,Lake Nahuel Huapi,and Rio de la plata.

Lake Argentino

Lake Argentino is the largest freshwater lake in the country, at 362,255 acres. The lake is located in the province of Santa Cruz, within Los Glaciares National Park. Lake Argentino appears whitish-green because of the lime in the glacial water that feeds the lake from several rivers and streams, according to Lake Lubbers. Fishing for rainbow trout, lake trout and perch is popular at Lake Argentino, despite its cold water.

Nahuel Huapi

  • Lake Nahuel Huapi is 650 square kilometers and 454 meters deep at its deepest point. According to Patagonia-Argentina, while there are other lakes nearby, including Guillemo, Mascardi and Traful, Lake Nahuel Huapi is considered the most important one in the region and lends its name to Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Rio De la Plata

  • The Rio De la Plata is 270 kilometers long, and is formed by the Parana River and Uruguay River, which join before the Rio De la Plata meets the Atlantic Ocean.

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