5 Garage Designs You Can Copy for Your Garage Renovation

One of the most overlooked or underutilized space in the home is the garage.

Most people see it simply as a place to park their car, dump a few power tools and maybe even an area to dump old boxes filled with junk if the attic can't handle it. But as much as it can be tempting to make the garage a catch-all for things you don't care to organize, it is also a good idea to see how you can redesign it in order to make it space-efficient. It's also a big bonus if by doing so, you will know where you've kept everything, and not spend hours looking for that wrench or hammer.

1. This garage design from A Beautiful Mess shows how your garage can be a happy, productive space without a lot of fuss. A bright coat of paint on the interior walls makes a bold statement without being too overwhelming. Sort your tools, items and other stuff into defined piles and think up of ways to store them. For items you might need regularly, like paint, cleaning materials or tools, it's a great idea to store them vertically, in baskets or crates. This way, you can see what you have and what more you need if you run out.

2. Not comfortable with putting things in plain sight? Try hiring a renovation contractor to create smart shelving and storage solutions for your garage. Doing this will make sure that your contractor can coordinate for shelving units that exactly fit your space. Your garage will look neat in no time.

3. Another great idea for a garage? Just get rid of all the clutter! Clean walls, clean lighting and perhaps an accent piece or two. As a bonus, this space can be used for multipurpose usage--you can park your car elsewhere and have a clean slate for gatherings.

4. Here's another way to combine storage units and wall storage in one! Generally, it's a good idea to fill just one wall to avoid making the room look cluttered. Talk to your renovation contractor to find out how you can fully maximize your space, no matter how small.

5. Small garage? No problem. You can still make it work with strategic shelving and pops of color. A good coat of paint and useful shelves keep all your items in place—no need to hunt for them in big boxes anymore! While you can go with any paint color scheme you wish, this red and blue number will appeal to any superhero fan. It’s an almost-man cave that will keep dad excited to build and create while having a space for the car.