Parkway's Math Night

Thursday, November 17th

7:00-8:00 pm

Do you have questions about the new math curriculum?

We are excited to offer a parent information night on the FCPS Curriculum and PARCC (state testing).

Here are a few of the activities that we will have available for parents on this night:

  • Demonstrations by Parkway students using a variety of strategies to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction word problems.
  • An opportunity in the computer lab to view sample problems similar to what our third, fourth, and fifth grade students will be seeing on PARCC in April.
  • The chance to explore our new Chromebooks in the media center while reading tips for parents about the math curriculum from selected websites.
  • In the gym, students can explore math and brain games while being supervised by Parkway staff. This will allow parents to visit all of the other locations at their own pace.

We look forward to seeing everyone.

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Judith Apshago (+2) 3 years ago

Bringing 2 kids

Melanie Williams (+3) 3 years ago
Subhashree (+2) 3 years ago
Akshith kantareddy (+2) 3 years ago
Ella and Adam Krone (+1) 3 years ago

Ella and Adam will be attending in order to help demonstrate the Challenge 24 game.

Noki Vongnaraj 3 years ago
Kettlestrings Family (+1) 3 years ago

Paul and John only

Paige Poska (+1) 3 years ago

Paige and her dad will be attending. Thanks!

Mark family (+2) 3 years ago
Katie Martin (+3) 3 years ago
charlotte headland (+2) 3 years ago
Hugo Merry 3 years ago

probably bring mom and dad

Julias (+2) 3 years ago
Ann Duffy (+1) 3 years ago
Betsy Little 3 years ago
? Liam Fitzgerald 3 years ago

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments about the night.

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