A rare find

Below is pictured what Otzi would have looked like if he were still alive.

A 5,300 year old mummy found in the Alps, in Italy. Otzi is 5'" in height, and was about 45 years old when he died his tragic death.

Otzi had a few health issues at the time of his death, besides the obvious bashed in skull, arrow in shoulder, and a gash in his right palm.

He had joint issues and Lyme disease. On top of that, he had an advanced gum disease. He also may have been infertile.

Otzi also had some oddities in his physical build. He had a lack of wisdom teeth, and a 12th pair of ribs.

Otzi was probably a farmer of sorts, according to a rare part in his DNA that farmers from the East side of Europe.

He has several relatives living in Australia as of today. Scientists figured this out with the rare DNA part found in Otzi.

Researchers and anthropologists have done many things to understand the history of Otzi. They've studied his clothing and gear, and also his body for many years. They've run many tests and done medical examinations on him several times. Researchers and anthropologists are still learning new information about the frozen man as we speak.

Time is slowing taking effect on Otzi, because the extreme cold that preserved him for so many years in the freezing Alps is no longer there. It has to be manmade. Also, he thaws when he gets CAT scans and such done, which can be bad for how well he's preserved.

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