The Republic of Lorule

Sānū śakatī dē hana

Caden, Juan, Jasmine  Period 4

The Flag of Lorule

Red Star: Represents the power and control The Republic of Lorule has over its citizens

The Red Outline: Represents the fear that is put over our enemies

The Black Outline: Represents the death The Republic brings upon our enemies

The Constitution of Lorule

Constitution of

The Republic of Lorule



The name of this country will be The Republic of Lorule.



The purpose of this country is to provide protection and control among our people.

List reasons for existence, goals of the country, etc.

The reason for our existence is to hold power among the world

Our goal is to be the center of the world

Examples may include: Leadership, control, power


What are the requirements to be a citizen of your country?

You must be willing to help the country whenever help is needed.

You mustn’t act against the republic.

You must follow all laws and rules set for citizens.

What are the expectations that each citizen will have?

Citizens will be expected to be patriotic.

Citizens will be expected to work to help the country.

What does the government request all citizens to do to support their country?

Citizens will pay taxes based on their earnings.

Citizens will help in any way if needed.

Citizens will not work against the country.


Who will be in charge of this country?

The Demon King Victor Stalin

What type of government system will this country have?


(Explain in detail how a leader is elected [if that is even an option])

The leader is chosen by whoever has the most power among the country(examples of power include: leadership, control, education, etc.)

What protections will be made to ensure that the government will / cannot be corrupt?

Control amongst the world.


What are the responsibilities of the government?

The government must protect its people against the countries enemy.

What does the government promise to provide it citizens?

The government provides community and control.

What are the responsibilities of the people?

The people must work to help the government.


What are some laws that will defend the people?

There is freedom to keep silent if questioned.

List the most important laws that will be enforced in your country.

(You will go into more detail when you create your bill of rights.) Have at least 10 laws


  • Citizens will not fight against the country
  • Citizens will fight for the country if needed
  • Citizens must work for the country in factories, markets, schools, etc. to make our country better
  • Rights can be taken away if needed
  • Citizens must believe what we tell them
  • Citizens must not tell lies about the country
  • Schools must teach what the government allows
  • Relationships must be incognito while in public
  • Showing feelings for others must be at a minimum
  • All militants and police officers cannot conduct searches or seizures, attack citizens, and stop citizens without probable cause or a warrant *all militants and police officers have a warrant


What type of education systems will your country have?

Preschool(Optional Ages 4 and 5), Kindergarten(Ages 6 and 7), Elementary School(1st-5th), Middle School(6th-8th), High School(9th-12th), Private School(all grades)

Will it be a form of free education?

It will be free to attend these schools if not a private, lunches and materials will still be paid for.

Will citizens have to pay for it?

Only if private

What about universities and colleges?

Colleges and Universities must be paid for.

What do you do with people who do not want an education?

All citizens must have an education.


What will be the symbol and flag for your country? What is the meaning behind its design?

It will be a red and black flag with a Red star in the middle.

Red will represent the fear we put upon those who oppose the country

Black will represent the death we bring upon those who attack us

The Red Star will represent the power our country has


What, or who, will be the figurehead of your country? (Think of this as your “mascot”. In 1984, it was Big Brother.)

The figurehead for the country will be the Demon King Victor Stalin.

Figurehead: Victor Stalin

Victor Stalin has the power to strike fear among everyone. He keeps everything in order and destroys our enemies with his awesomeness. No ones will stand up to him. He has experience in war and strategy. He has a face of destruction.

Victor Stalin's Origin

Victor Stalin was born in the in Chernobyl, Russia on April 26, 1986. This was the day of the Nuclear Meltdown. His parents had to abandon him as they were evacuated because of the dangers of the meltdown. Somehow Victor Stalin survived the fatal amount of radiation. When Victor Stalin was found, at the age of six, he was being raised by wolves in small cove. Victor Stalin was rescued and brought to Moscow and tested for any sickness. Our great leader had not a single sickness. His health was far greater than average. He was stronger than all weightlifters in Russia and possibly the world. When he was being taught Russian it was discovered that he was smarter than a super computer. Within a day he had perfected 47 languages, quantum physics, and rapping. After 10 years in Moscow, our leader left on a 20 year journey that only took him 5 years to finish. During that time he had traveled through the Himalayas to reach a martial arts master. In 1 year of training with his sensei Victor had mastered Kung Fu, Karate, Jeet Kune do, Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Putasos. For the next four years he traveled through Mongolia, China, and back to Russia. As he was journeying back to Moscow he had encountered the largest grizzly bear in the world. He tried to avoid the bear so it wouldn't become startled and attack him. He tried being as quiet as possible but sadly the bear heard him and charged. Victor Stalin had to do what he tried avoiding and destroyed the bear. Luckily our leader has a soft heart and let the bear live. Victor tamed the bear and named it Winnie. As he rode into Moscow on his bear he challenged the current leader of Lorule, he who shall not be named, Ace "The German Cocaine Toenails" Putin. This leader was the second most feared man in the history of mankind until our great leader, Victor Stalin, literally punched the head off of the previous leader and ate him for dinner. This is story of the all powerful VICTOR STALIN.

Oh Lorule

We serve for our great country

That Country is Lorule

We must do what we can to help our country grow

Our leader's Victor Stalin

and he will help us grow

And now he's out there fighting for the country of Lorule

Lorule, Lorule, Lorule!

Lorule, Lorule, Lorule!

Lorule, Lorule, Lorule!

Lorule, Lorule, FIGHT!


The Ministry of Wisdom

All citizens must listen to what the country says. What we say is correct. If anything is said differently, it is false. If we discover that anyone teaches others lies about anything that the country says then they will be detained and taken to the Ministry of Wisdom. Here they will be taken to room 1986. In this room they will have a little talk with a few government officials. These officials will show said person the truth about the lies they have been spreading. If this person does not adhere to what we tell them they will be kept in the Ministry of Wisdom until they listen to what we tell them.  Citizens will be held in cells where a bed, mattress, pillow and toilet will be provided. Three meals will be provided everyday at 6 a.m., 1 p.m., and 8 p.m. Citizens will be taken to room 1986 at least once a day. Each day the citizen does not listen to what is told, the more severe their talk will get. If a citizen does not listen, they will have to go outside and kick the bucket that is there for them.  The talk that will be given to the citizens will differ depending on what they did but all will be painful to the ears. For a patient to leave the Ministry of Wisdom, they must agree with every single thing that they have been told inside room 1986 and must agree to right every wrong they have made. Doctors will make the patient croak to check for any damage of the vocal chords. While a citizen is inside the Ministry of Wisdom, all of their belongings will become property of the government. If a citizen tries to escape from the Ministry of Wisdom, they will be shot with a toxin that will cause the person to go to sleep. The Ministry of Wisdom is meant to keep Lorule a happy place to live in.

Introduction to Lorule

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