How People Are
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heyo tackkers

My neighbors to the right, the Nessas, are so annoying. I will be up until midnight trying to go to sleep because they are jumping on their trampoline. I wouldn't mind except for the fact that their trampoline is right above it and it squeals and they scream. Whenever I go out their to tell them to be quiet they say no and go about ruining my night. Also they have 2 dogs 1 in which will bark and bard at night for all eternity. We once called the police because of that one. The other dog who has a very deep bark will go on and on in the morning which I am fine with because it wakes me up but my parents hate it. luckily those neighbors are moving because we keep our boat and this is going to blow your mind- our garden. We are glad. Sorry that we have things on our property. :( to you. See   ya nessas,would definitely not want to be ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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