Ancient Egypt

Nick Hammer

stable food supply
In the ancient times they had not a very good amount of food so they had to use the Nile river. Also they had wheat, crops, plants, and trees. The only meats they ate was donkey, fish, horses, hippos, ducks,giraffes, and crocodiles. If they didnt have water then they would have no food because all of there food is prevented by water

In The ancient time they believed that it was important to worship there gods so that the gods and goddesses that life can be easy an smooth. There was 4 kinds of gods The Anubis, RA, Osiris, and Horus. They all played a special roll in the ancient Egypt. Anubis was the jackal;wild dog he was the god of the funerals and he painted on the tombs as he thought to protect the dead. Ra is a falcon with the sun on his head. He was the God of creation. Osiris is shown as a human but he was killed by his brother. The Horus is known as the falcon also and is the sky god and he is Osiris brother.

Social Structure

The Arts
Back In the Ancient Egypt They didn't many many arts. But the ones that they had were very important to them. They had pyramids that were very tall made out of big blocks of stone. They also made gold statue, gold mummy cases but rarely listened to music.But the only way they would make music is out of string instruments.

System of government
King Tut lived in burial chamber. They had pharaohs and they built monuments to celebrate their lives. Some left behind fabulous riches and great artwork. Khufu ruled from about 255/ 2585. He was best builder of a famous pyramid He helped established the central authority. He helped build the first pyramid that took 20 years to build. Senusret he ruled from about 1971-1926. He lead the arts, literature, and architecture. Some of his greatest achievement was the white chapel. Hatsepsut- he rose to the power also never had a woman pharaoh rule Egypt. Ramses II he was a fierce leader and never gave up

Written language
One of there forms of writing was a writing script. Another form of writing was hieroglyphics. They used reeds and rectangular case of pigments to write. We know what there writing was like because the Rosetta stone.

Advances in Technology
They invented medicine so if there sick but they also used honey and human brains to get eyes unaffected. They made tablets, pyramids, toothpaste and toothbrush. The object that helped them the most with getting a lot of the things they had was a boat. The boat helped them cross bays, and oceans to go get food, supplies and many other things.

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