Sarah Knight core 2

My journey doing meditation....

In Mr. Haucuff's 2nd core class we got to meditate. Fisrt we came into a nice calm and peaceful enviroment took of our shoes. Second we wrote on a little slip of paper and we wrote down 3 things we liked about our lives and 3 things we didn't like so much. Third we got in to a good posture and we relaxed and calmed down our selves. We got to let go bad things and take in the good and most importantly we got to just let go some of the stress cause I know before I had a lot of stress but now I let go of it and try not to bring it bad cause it would just make it worse.

Before the meditation I wasn't really sure how it was going to be. I thought it was going to be really religous and I thought it wouldn't be right for me. When I got into the room and we started I was really wasn't sure and I didn't want to, but I just wanted to try it out and see what it would be like. Half way into it I wasn't that sleepy I was letting go some of my stress that I had and it made my days bad. Then I realized this isn't so bad and I really enjoyed it! I had a great time just sitting there in my brain and not stressed! I would do it again after feeling the way I felt I would do it again!

Meditation- Sitting in a relaxed way letting stress leave your body.

Mantra- A relaxing sound you make wen you are meditating.

Deep breathing- Inhaling and exhalling with a pause in between to calm you down.

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