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The purpose of the Junior Women's Auxiliary at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church is to advance the work of the kingdom, which is our primary and foremost mission. We will support the efforts of our church, St. John Regular Baptist association, and Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas as it relates to outreach, evangelism and the training of women from the ages of 18-40. We work together in Christian love to create a ministry that cultivates the bonds of sisterhood and promotes a spirit of unity. We study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

The activities of the Junior Women Auxiliary include, but are not limited to: Outreach, training, community activities, and workshops.

GHMBC Junior Mission Outing!

Dinner at Gloria's in the domain. *Not in photograph: Sis. Shantell King and Sis. Ciara Speaks

Boy did we have a ball! There is something to be said about having "Girl Time" with your sisters in Christ. We laughed until we cried and just truly enjoyed each others company. These social get together's are so important for us to continue growing! We work hard and we should play hard too! Our next social is scheduled for December 19th! MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

While the waiting list is a bit long for us to actually go on this years Belize Foreign Mission trip, we can still contribute to this incredible effort sponsored by the St. John Regular Baptist Association. We have committed to contribute in two ways:

First, we have agreed to provide, as a mission, 10 of the 60 pairs of shoes that the church has agreed to donate. It is my understanding that the preference is new tennis shoes. The goal is to provide the families of Belize with sturdy footwear to protect their feet in the elements. There are two ways that you can help us achieve this goal. If you see a pair, buy a pair! Bring them to our meetings and we will submit them to Pastor O. Or, you can give a monetary donation and the shoes will be purchased and turned in. Your commitment to helping us achieve this goal is extremely appreciated.

Secondly, as a part of the St. John District Junior Women's Auxiliary, we will be donating $50 towards the goal of raising $500 to support the Belize foreign mission trips food boxes. Donations towards this goal will be turned in at our next two meeting. The deadline to submit this donation to me is November 19th as all money is due to our district President, Sis. Ramona McFarlin, on December 2nd.

Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendars for the following events:

  1. Saturday, November 1st- Good Hope Fall Festival (Junior Mission will be working this event. It is also asked that we bring cupcakes for one of the games)
  2. Sunday, November 2nd- St. Paul Combined Mission Annual @3:30pm (We will attend as a ministry. Please remember how important it is to support one another!)
  3. November 4-6- St. John Sub-district Conference- Click here for conference outline
  4. Tuesday, November 11th- St. John District JMWA Meeting @ 6:30, St. John Tabernacle
  5. Wednesday, November 12th- Good Hope JMWA Meeting- This will begin immediately following bible Study
  6. Sunday, November 16th- Pastor's Anniversary Service
  7. Wednesday November 19th- Good Hope JMWA Meeting- This will begin immediately following Bible Study
  8. Tuesday, December 2nd- St. John District JMWA Meeting @ 6:30 pm
  9. Wednesday, December 3rd- Good Hope JMWA Meeting- This will begin immediately following Bible Study
  10. Wednesday, December 17th- Good Hope JMWA Meeting- This will begin immediately following Bible Study
  11. Friday, December 19th- Good Hope JMWA Social @ 6pm

** Please note that we will need to add a date for our Angel Tree delivery of gifts**

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