The purpose of the Junior Women's Auxiliary at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church is to advance the work of the kingdom, which is our primary and foremost mission. We will support the efforts of our church, St. John Regular Baptist association, and Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas as it relates to outreach, evangelism and the training of women from the ages of 18-40. We work together in Christian love to create a ministry that cultivates the bonds of sisterhood and promotes a spirit of unity. We study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

The activities of the Junior Women Auxiliary include, but are not limited to: Outreach, training, community activities, and workshops.

We have agreed to Co-Host this years Take it to the Streets Evangelism Regional Meeting.  What an amazing opportunity for us to go beyond the walls of the church and bring souls to Christ! Below you will find a link to the official "Take it to the Streets" Newsletter.

I have to send in one Pre-RSVP for our entire group. Please RSVP below if you plan to attend the MBGCT Spring Regional Meeting "Take it to the Streets" on April 24th-25th. Please indicate in the comments box if you will be attending both days, Friday only, or Saturday only. Feel free to invite a friend!

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Audrey Allen 2 years ago
Shantell 2 years ago

Most likely both days

Sheón Corley 2 years ago
Kimberly Michelle 2 years ago
LaWanda Evans (+1) 2 years ago

Attending both days

DCJackson Organizer

Both days

T-Shirt Designs

These are the two designs I came up with for our T-shirts. Include HONEST feedback in the bottom comments section. I PROMISE you wont hurt my feelings.

Sow a Seed Campaign

We have signed up to support the District Junior Mission in the Sow a Seed Campaign for the months of March, May, and July. We are responsible for purchasing items to fill a care package for one of three families. The district will provide us with an information packet describing the family and their likes and needs. The baskets should be themed for the month in which we chose to sponsor the family. Our months are:

  • March- We have decided to theme this basic "A Day at the Park". This can include picnic items, spring activities, games to play while outside, food, snacks, etc.
  • May- We wanted to theme this basic "Summer Fun." You got it! We want all things Summer for this basket. Think beach balls, floaties, flip flops, sun glasses, etc!
  • July- This basket will be themed "Fourth of July". We would like to include fireworks (kid friendly), clothing items for the festivities, and anything else you can think of to bring the Fourth of July in with a BANG!

About our Family

We will be sponsoring a family of two, Lameca and Malik, for the month of March. I will be purchasing the items for their basket this Friday.  There was very little information given for this family. Malik is five years old. We are going to stick with our theme of "A Day at the Park." Please put your suggestions for this basket in the "comments" section below. REMEMBER: We are trying to put something in the basket for both Mom and Malik.

Next meeting Saturday, April 11th

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2 years ago

LOL @ Sheon...I like the idea (wording) of the green shirt but I'm not too fond of the sleeves. I always feel like my shirt too small or something (weird I know). I love the pink shirt though. The front of it is similar to the other one I have too.

2 years ago

I like both shirts however I think the pink one is better.