Emma Schock
7-3 Omaha Zoo Trip

May 1st, 2014

My Zoo Trip :)

The Barred Flagtail's large eyes help it to see both prey and predators.

Common Name: Barred Flagtail          

Scientific Name: Kuhlia mugil

Biome: Marine/Fresh water                                          

Habitat: Live in reefs in oceans almost worldwide

Fish Adaptations:                                Species Adaptations:

1) Swim Bladder                                       1) Its diet changes to fit the time of day

2) Scales                                                     2) Large eyes help it see

3) Ectothermic                                          3) Forked tail helps it swim

4) Fins                                                         4) Well-developed jaw

5) Some have sharp teeth                       5) Scaly sheath at the base of anal and dorsal fins

The Henkel's Leaf Tailed Gecko can cling on to surfaces.

Common Name: Henkel's Leaf Tailed Gecko      

Scientific Name: Uroplatus henkeli

Biome: Rain forest/trees                                                      

Home Range: On and near Madagascar

Amphibian Adaptations:                                   Species Adaptations:

1) Slimy skin                                                                1) Camouflage

2) Start out breathing with gills, then lungs      2) Long tail

3) Can breathe through skin                                   3) Skin allows it to cling to surfaces

4) Large eyes on top of the head                            4) Slightly webbed feet

5) Tongue attached to front of the mouth           5) Nocturnal

Common Name: Burmese Python (Endangered species!)

Scientific Name: Python molurus bivittatus

Biome: Jungles or grassy marshes  

Home Range: Southeast Asia

Reptile Adaptations:              Species Adaptations:

1) Scales                         1) Long body

2) Lay eggs                       2) Heat-sensing jaws

3) Ectothermic                    3) Chemically receptive tongues

4) Think skin                     4) Muscular jaws

5) Most have two lungs            5) Sharp teeth for catching prey

The Java Rice Sparrow has a pointed beak for eating.

Common Name:Java Rice Sparrow  

Scientific Name:Lonchura oryzivora

Biome: Grasslands              

Home Range: Asia, Africa, N. America

Bird Adaptations:              Species Adaptations:

1) Hollow bones                1) Very small

2) Wing shape                  2) Pointed beak

3) Feet adapted for certain purposes 3) Curved beak

4) Well-developed digestive system 4) Coloration

5) Well-developed eyesight     5) Long feathered tail

The Desert Cottontail's color allows it to blend in well with its environment.

Common Name: Desert Cottontail (Native to NA!)

Scientific Name: Sylvilagus audubonii

Biome: Plains                       

Home Range: North America

Mammal Adaptations:                  Species Adaptations:

1) Body hair                         1) Strong legs

2) 4 chambered heart                 2) Camouflage

3) Mammary glands                    3) Large ears

4) Well-developed brain              4) Good vision

5) Lungs                             5) Good sense of smell

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